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Which Side Of Cozumel Is Better?

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An Overview Of Which Side Of Cozumel Is Better

By Silvia

Which Side Of Cozumel Is Better?

Though most of Cozumel’s main town and dive operations are on its west side, visitors can also explore other parts of this beautiful island. If you want to see natural beaches with an authentic experience, check out its east coast.
Bring sunscreens and plenty of bathing suits when traveling to Cozumel. Also bring snorkeling gear!

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Is Paradise Beach Nice to Visit?

Paradise Beach is one of Cozumel’s premier beach clubs, where visitors can spend an enjoyable day relaxing, swimming in either the ocean or pool and savoring delicious a la carte menus as they lounge comfortably on comfortable beach loungers. Furthermore, Paradise Beach also provides fun activities like wave runner rentals and massage services; its large facility is well maintained and monitored to prevent locals from offering trinkets to tourists; full day passes can be obtained for just $3 per person!
The facility offers a large saltwater pool for swimming when the ocean becomes too turbulent, clean water with lifeguards on duty and soft sand that’s comfortable to walk on, as well as several shaded and sun lounge chairs – perfect for taking strolls while taking in scenic views and scenic strolls with young children. It is an especially popular destination among families.
Paradise Beach can be reached in just minutes from any cruise port via taxi ride, with rates posted at port taxi stands. A four-seat taxi costs $15-16 each way while vans may also be available if necessary.
Booking an excursion before reaching the beach can save you the stress and inconvenience of trying to locate taxis, and will ensure that all members of your party arrive in plenty of time for their activity. To ensure this goes as smoothly as possible, aim to leave for the beach approximately 30 minutes before your scheduled tour; this should give ample time for returning back to the ship before departure.
Paradise Beach can be visited throughout any season, though wintertime is considered ideal due to milder temperatures and more pleasant conditions that promote relaxation. Furthermore, beaches tend to be less crowded at this time and offer better hotel room deals; and many restaurants also provide discounts during this season.

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Is Dzul Ha Nice to Visit?

Dzul Ha is one of Cozumel’s many natural treasures, situated on its southern coast and offering long strands of white powder before an idyllic turquoise ocean. Additionally, this area features an incredible coral reef which attracts colorful marine life that snorkelers and scuba divers love to explore – not to mention easy access.
Dzul Ha is easily accessible, not requiring a boat ride to reach it – making it perfect for families with young children. It features shallow waters that tend to remain clear for beginners while its protective reef bottom provides ample protection from potential rip currents and waves. Beachgoers love spending their days here.
This beach has coarse, coral remains and hedgehog pieces-formed sand that serves as an interesting habitat for various marine life, often including lobsters, crabs and various fish species in its shallow waters. Furthermore, this beach offers great walking and relaxation after spending the day snorkeling and exploring ancient ruins.
One of the great things about this beach is that it is never overcrowded, giving you plenty of peace and quiet to enjoy your experience in peace. Additionally, its proximity to San Miguel City makes it an ideal location for any traveller seeking a break during their vacation.
Dzul Ha is another great feature, since entry is free. However, be careful of its currents which can be strong – be sure to contact your guide prior to diving here.
Fall and winter months offer ideal beach conditions with less humid air. Travelers can take advantage of discounted travel costs during these seasons to make the most out of their experience.
If you’re planning a visit to Cozumel, make sure that Dzul Ha is included on your itinerary. It offers beautiful beaches as well as fun activities such as swimming with dolphins and kayaking tours.

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Is Playa Chen Rio Nice to Visit?

Playa Chen Rio is an exquisite beach located on the east side of Cozumel that may not be well known, yet should definitely be added to your travel bucket list! Offering seclusion away from hotel areas and city life, Playa Chen Rio provides an idyllic environment ideal for relaxation.
It’s an ideal spot for families with kids, as its waters are calm and there’s ample space to spread out and soak up some sun. Additionally, there are several restaurants nearby where you can grab something to eat during your visit! Unfortunately, this beach can get quite busy on Sundays when island residents come out to take advantage of it all!
This beach offers greater protection from the rip tides than others on the island, due to the large rocks surrounding it. As such, it makes an excellent place for swimming and snorkeling without fear of being washed away by waves; additionally it makes an excellent setting to watch sunset.
If you plan on visiting this beach, make sure that it is outside of hurricane season (usually June through November; although storms can still form even during winter). To be on the safe side, check your local news to determine whether any major storms have been predicted before departing for your visit.
El Cielo Beach in Cozumel is an idyllic snorkeler’s haven. Boasting crystal clear waters and an abundance of colorful starfish, El Cielo is ideal for enjoying snorkeling activities in Cozumel. Additionally, dive companies operating here provide tours through this beach that allow visitors to discover coral reefs nearby.
If diving tours aren’t your cup of tea, kayak or snorkel cruise tours offer another great way to discover the area. Many companies offer tours; just do your research before selecting one! Alternatively, hire a personal guide so you have an exceptional experience.

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Is El Pescador Nice to Visit?

El Pescador restaurant on the beachside is a local favorite for seafood and Mexican dishes, serving up fresh ingredients at reasonable prices. Their chefs take great pride in creating mouthwatering seafood dishes like their world famous lobster roll! El Pescador also specializes in delicious lobster.
As soon as you walk into this restaurant, its breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea will become evident. Perfect for relaxing after an exciting day exploring city attractions or touring museums. Additionally, they serve an assortment of wines and cocktails perfect for romantic evenings.
Not only does this restaurant boast an idyllic setting, it offers delicious seafood and drinks. Their grilled lobster is truly impressive; cooked perfectly and served with garlic butter for maximum flavour! Additionally, there is an impressive range of dishes on their extensive menu such as ceviche, shrimp cocktail and guacamole to satisfy all culinary cravings.
This family-run restaurant boasts an excellent seafood selection and friendly service, boasting an inviting rooftop terrace for dining with friends or family. Their menu combines Mexican and international fare as well as an impressive wine and cocktail selection – it’s the ideal spot for an enjoyable night out on Cozumel!
El Pescador Lodge is the perfect fishing retreat for anglers of all skill levels and families alike. Situated next to the world’s second-largest coral reef, El Pescador provides breathtaking opportunities for Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish fishing. Additionally, its spacious accommodations can accommodate couples as well as groups of all sizes with options ranging from suites with king beds to beachfront rooms available for rental.
Guest can choose between fourteen newly renovated comfortable standard rooms in the main lodge and eight cottages located along the beachfront, all featuring new furniture and fully air conditioning. Rooms are conveniently close to restaurants with balconies, private bathrooms, and ceiling fans for added comfort.
Mike and Kathy McGowan of this restaurant are dedicated to giving their guests the ultimate dining experience. By channeling their love of seafood into their business, an authentic Mexican seafood restaurant with a relaxed environment has resulted.

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